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Why wasn�t this product created before.  I used it my first day.  I�m a heavy equipment mechanic for a public power company and it worked perfect. Excellent product. Excellent!  I had been using construction paper and magazine covers (never a handy) to funnel oil away from the engine and chassis when doing oil changes. Never again. Form-A-Funnel does what it says!  Simple to use, easy to store.  No B.S. just a product that works! Nice. The Form-A-Funnel is exactly what I had been looking for!  On two of my cars, the oil filter is directly above the front crossmember of the frame, and leaks oil into a number of cracks and crevices.  The Form-A-Funnel easily slipped under my oil filter and pointed the flow right into my oil pan. I have 2 tractors with the oil filter on the side.  I have been looking for something like this for years.  Before this, the oil ran out over the steering arm and was a mess to clean up.  Now I lose no oil, no drips, no spills and cleaning up is a snap.  I have saved much time with this product. I highly recommend the Form-A-Funnel.  It�s easy to use, can be formed into any shape, and retains its shape and easy to clean. Very good for ATV, lawn mowers, car, truck and anything you have to drain out Before this product, changing the oil in my Suburban meant major cleanup after changing the oil filter. Now I can change the oil and complete cleanup in half the time. I loved it!  I have a car where the oil filter screws in on an angle, right over the starter.  I have never been able to remove it without a mess; until now. [...] I can�t think of being without this product again.